Trauma isn’t just an event that happens to you. It’s an essential part of being human. In fact, it’s normal to experience extremely difficult moments or seasons in life.

Only when we decide to acknowledge and intentionally process these experiences are we able to tap into our inner strength and start the work of healing—and coming home to ourselves.

Big-picture change starts with one small step. Ready to take the first one together? If you answered “Hell Yes!” you’re in the right place.


trauma therapy


a Natural approach to trauma Therapy that empowers and moves you towards thriving

"life is meant to be

not merely to exist"


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Owner | EMDR Therapist | LMFT | Loud Laugher

The way I hold space for this work varies from your traditional therapist and it's important for me to share my approach to healing, so you can decide if you feel connected to my practices before working together. 

What you experience after trauma is part of the intelligent design of your body. A normal, expected physiological response to something that happened, that wasn't your choice. The diagnosis Western medicine gives to that set of symptoms suggests something is wrong with that expected response and there is something to fix.

Your body only knows healing. A beautifully designed system whose output reflects to you what it has received. Your symptoms are your body communicating to you. Our work is to connect to the language of your body so we can begin to create the conditions needed for it to heal itself. 


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