Trauma isn’t just an event that happens to you. It’s an essential part of being human.

In fact, it’s normal to experience extremely difficult moments or seasons in life. But only when we decide to acknowledge and intentionally process these experiences are we able to tap into our inner strength and start the good, hard work of healing—and coming home to ourselves.

Big-picture change starts with one small step. Ready to take the first one together? If you answered “Hell Yes!” you’re in the right place.


trauma therapy


Life is hard. Finding a therapist who gets you and helps you heal shouldn’t be.

"life is meant to be

not merely to exist"


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Owner | Trauma Therapist | LMFT | Loud Laugher

I believe you’re more than the sum of your experiences or symptoms, and you deserve therapy that treats you as such! I take an integrated approach to my work, meaning I see you as a whole person and work with you to heal your mind, body, and soul. I love connecting with clients on a deeper level and walking alongside them as they process trauma, reprogram negative beliefs, and learn healthy skills. But perhaps most of all, I love holding space for those transformational “ah-ha” moments. I’ve helped hundreds of clients step into their power, break free from the shit that’s holding them back, and create lasting change in their lives. Now it’s your turn.


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