Redefining Trauma Therapy

Trauma means different things to different people.

For one person, it might mean the aftermath of a violent attack and for another, it might be recognizing toxic patterns playing out from childhood. Then there is every situation in between.

When I started my career as a therapist, I was working with gang-affiliated young adults in the Bay Area correctional facilities. Working with and learning from them really opened my eyes to the various ways that trauma can impact the mind and body.

And the soul.

There are so many aspects of our psychology that we don’t typically associate with trauma.

Most people when they think of trauma think of “Big T” trauma, PTSD.

The “little t” trauma often goes unnoticed.

These “little t” traumas are still highly distressing events that impact individuals on a personal level but don’t necessarily fall in the PTSD category. For example, emotional abuse, bullying, hostile work environments, non-life-threatening accidents or injuries…

Healing is Possible

Trauma and its impacts are unique to each individual and because of that, the healing process for each individual is unique too.

We each have our own successful and unsuccessful ways of coping with life. Some people build walls to keep their loved ones out, while others feel the need to be perfect and please everyone.

When we question the purpose of these defense mechanisms and begin to break down their functions, we see a commonality- protection against pain and the human experience.

What if I were to tell you that you didn’t have to live your life that way anymore? That you could, not just heal your trauma but fall back in love with life and the vessel that lets you experience it all.

Too often in our culture, our trauma narratives are co-signed and limits are placed on our true capacity to heal. Post traumatic growth comes with one’s willingness to shift the narrative around trauma and clear the somatic impact that trauma has on the physical body. It is possible to free yourself from the false narratives of blame and judgement that come with when we experience pain.

When our healing is limited, we carry our hurt around rather than doing the real work of meeting ourselves. Your body will show you the way. Are you open to listening?

Translating Passion to Purpose

My practice specializes in trauma therapy. Without knowing it at the time, my personal experience with childhood trauma set the foundation for my work.

As I sat with client’s and listened to their stories and learned about the manifestations of trauma’s effects, I came to the realization that trauma is a normal human experience. When given the space and therapeutic strategies to explore that trauma, we are able to step into our true power by changing the narrative around the experience and clearing the activated sensory memory that we experience in the body.

I earned my bachelor’s degree from California State University, Long Beach and received my master’s degree from the University of San Francisco. I started working toward my Doctorate of Psychology at California Southern University and left the program when I realized the limitations placed on people’s healing by the field.

My office started in Santa Clarita, California, a city of approximately 300,000 in north Los Angeles County. During the pandemic I transitioned to remote sessions and am now able to see clients from across the state. Energy and the true intention of this work knows no time or limits. It has been such a powerful experience to reach more people through technology and provide the support during this time.

Let’s keep the lines of communication open and have those honest conversations about trauma and healing. I am excited to be on this journey together, and I look forward to providing you with resources and hope.

You have the power to create happiness and serenity in your life.

With Love,

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