the eye movement Method

Here’s the truth—

Your brain is made to heal itself, and EMDR is a powerful tool to help it do just that!

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a type of short-term therapy designed to help you heal and move forward after trauma. While traditional talk therapy asks you to dive deep into difficult feelings and experiences, EMDR jump starts your brain’s innate healing ability, so you can effectively reprocess past events and get unstuck faster. 

Or, put simply: EMDR helps you diminish the negative emotions of your trauma, freeing you to fully heal and thrive. 

Past trauma doesn’t have to hold you back from living a life you love.

If you’re ready to find hope and get unstuck once and for all, keep scrolling!

EMDR therapy in

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While this varies per client, research from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs suggests EMDR to typically be administered in weekly, up to 90-minute individual sessions over the course of approximately 3 months. That beautiful feeling that comes with knowing this doesn't have to be permanent? Hope.

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