generalized anxiety Disorder (gaD) 

You've had anxiety for as long as you can remember. You've read the self-help books in an effort to manage it and if one more person recommends deep breathing or meditation to you, you may lose your shit.

Feeling as though you're experiencing constant, impending doom has left you hopeless. Worrying that the worst will happen makes you afraid to do very normal things.

Or worse, you're considering doing some normal things but all you're able to think about is the anxiety you've historically experienced while doing those normal things. When you think of those experiences you become paralyzed with fear.

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It's time to be the main character in your life again; no more anxiety running the show. I want you to think about all the things you want to do with this one, wild and precious life of yours. Even if it scares you, I want you to know all of those things are possible. 

EMDR operates on the premise that present is informed by the past. How we respond to present-day situations is determined largely by how we responded to past events. EMDR therapy allows the brain to naturally heal from these past events and associated emotional pain. 

Through this process anxiety no longer becomes a burden or curse, but a gift leading you to unacknowledged pain, that when recognized can be

set free

Need some inspiration?

“Your presence is your power. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words, and energy disconnect you from the Universe. And know the difference between what it feels like to be connected to the presence of your power versus what it feels like when you’re not.”
-Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

“Because once we feel, know, and dare to imagine more for ourselves, we cannot unfeel, unknow, or unimagine. There is no going back.”
-Glennon Doyle, Untamed

“Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever you go, there you are. Whatever you end up doing, that’s what you’ve wound up doing. Whatever you are thinking right now, that’s what’s on your mind. Whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. The important question is, how are you gonna handle it? In other words, “now what?”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are

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It's possible to turn the mind chatter off. No longer assuming the worst or creating problems in your brain that don't really exist. I encourage you to give yourself to permission for once to think about what could happen if things go right? No more weight, no more drowning, no more chaos. Lightness, breathe, and stillness. 

When you're ready to, I invite you to schedule your free remote consultation with my Santa Clarita, CA office, below. What's the worst that could happen?