Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) 

The trauma you experienced has left a mark on you. After it happened, you told yourself this wasn't going to change you.

You've always been strongIt’s in the past and that’s where I’m keeping it.

It worked for a short time, until it all came crashing down.
Now it feels like a war within yourself that never goes away.

You constantly feel on edge, worrying about the next thing that will trigger you and where it's going to come from. Nothing feels safe because it can come from anywhere. And when it does, you're back. Back somewhere you don't want to be...

The past is always present.

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Because the next trigger can come from anywhere, you're consistently looking over your shoulder and unable to trust the world. Even worse, you're starting to question if you can trust yourself. The nighttime provides no relief between the fear of going to sleep and the nightmares when you actually do. The exhaustion is becoming too much.

The past is always present.

Your life doesn't feel like yours anymore. The impact of the trauma bleeds into every aspect of it. Your family notices how you're pushing them away and beginning to isolate. You're not present at work and trying desperately to control things to avoid a situation that makes you see red.

Feeling like you're always on guard and treading water at the same time. This isn't working for you anymore.


I’m here to tell you there is hope. No more feeling stuck, afraid or incapable. Remember the joy you once had for life? It’s time to re-light that fire in your belly.

My approach to PTSD treatment is EMDR, an evidence-based standard recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Similarly in the way your body naturally heals from an injury, the mind can heal from psychological trauma. EMDR therapy addresses the triggers, thought processes, and emotions associated with said traumatic experiences. The meaning of painful experiences transforms on an emotional level, as EMDR allows for new insights and awareness to be gained from your own accelerated processing as the client. 

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“Your presence is your power. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words, and energy disconnect you from the Universe. And know the difference between what it feels like to be connected to the presence of your power versus what it feels like when you’re not.”
-Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

“Because once we feel, know, and dare to imagine more for ourselves, we cannot unfeel, unknow, or unimagine. There is no going back.”
-Glennon Doyle, Untamed

“Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever you go, there you are. Whatever you end up doing, that’s what you’ve wound up doing. Whatever you are thinking right now, that’s what’s on your mind. Whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. The important question is, how are you gonna handle it? In other words, “now what?”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are

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Living with the aftermath of trauma is exhausting and complex. You find that the people around you don't quite understand the things you struggle with. Trauma can have a significant impact on our life, but it does not mean that we can't come back from it. Life doesn’t have to stay stuck. It is possible to experience negative life events and live a full life. 

It takes courage to make a change and try something different. When you're ready to make that change, I invite you to schedule your free remote consultation with my Santa Clarita, CA office, below.

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