The longest relationship you'll have is the relationship with your Self.

Too often we go through our days and lives on autopilot. Regularly showing up in the areas that demand our attention and justifying to our Self that our needs will get taken care of.

Soon. Someday. When it can fit in the schedule.

Scratch the excuses and come join me on a Saturday!

Let's Do this!

there never seems to be enough time

Life asks a lot from you and I know you wear numerous hats throughout the day. We live in a society that values productivity. We are praised when our plate is full and our schedule is packed.
The problem is we begin to live life on one speed that ends in us feeling
frazzled, tired and burnt-out.
We are encouraged to put everyone's needs above our own.

I’m here to change that…

The problem…

I'm ready!

           if you could…


Learn how you can prioritize time for yourself throughout the day and not feel guilty for doing it.

Begin slowing down in the morning with the intention to tune into what you need.

Learn new mindfulness techniques rooted in mind, body and spirit that you can begin implementing today.

Literally be the best version of YOU!

say no more, I'm in!

cultivate your practice

your best self awaits

I want you to close your eyes for a moment and daydream a bit.  Create the best version of YOU possible. How does your body feel envisioning that? 

Feeling good feels GOOD! Making yourself a priority is not selfish, it's mandatory. When your cup is full and overflowing, you feel your best and can show up as your best for others. 

It's time to fill that cup up, honey. 

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This self-practice is for

If you’re ready to be the best version of your-self


A mentor once told me, teach the thing you have a hard time with.
The hard thing for me? Taking a purposeful pause in the morning.

If you're anything like me, the routine is in place until one day, it isn't.
And before you know it, you're off to the races in the morning, remembering to take a purposeful pause when the hunger hits or emotions spike.

The way you start the day is the way you'll navigate the day. Let's start Saturdays off on the right foot; with grace and ease. 

Have we met yet?

im Megan!

Let’s do this!

Need some inspiration?

“Your presence is your power. Be mindful of how your thoughts, words, and energy disconnect you from the Universe. And know the difference between what it feels like to be connected to the presence of your power versus what it feels like when you’re not.”
-Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back: Transform Fear to Faith

“Because once we feel, know, and dare to imagine more for ourselves, we cannot unfeel, unknow, or unimagine. There is no going back.”
-Glennon Doyle, Untamed

“Guess what? When it comes right down to it, wherever you go, there you are. Whatever you end up doing, that’s what you’ve wound up doing. Whatever you are thinking right now, that’s what’s on your mind. Whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. The important question is, how are you gonna handle it? In other words, “now what?”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn, Wherever You Go, There You Are

You're a good fit if….

I'm ready!

You're open to learning new practices and incorporating them into your daily routine.

You're open to listening to your body and exploring your needs. Then meeting them.

You're open to being a part of a community that holds space to support each other.

If you're ready to carve out some time on a Saturday morning to fill up your cup a little more, I welcome you to join a class. Zoom information will be provided after the class is purchased.

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